At Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA) we believe an art collection must reflect the people and place of its location. FBFA has sales reps, vendor partners, and artist and gallery connections in key markets around the world. We are on the ground building relationships local to the project at hand. To get the big picture, the FBFA sales team travels. A lot.

What do these whirlwind trips look like? Tag along with our jet-setting VP Business Development Ariel Grue Lee to the Windy City.

  • Tuesday 8pm: Check into the Freehand Chicago, a great little design ‘poshtel’–a mix of hostel and full-service rooms. The lobby design is bohemian and cozy with a great bar.
  • Tuesday 9pm: Super beat so I order one of the best room service burgers I’ve had to date (and I’ve sampled my fair share…)
  • Wednesday 6:30am: Loving this new ClassPass app that lets me catch yoga classes in any of the cities I happen to be in! I stop in for a great Ashtanga class at Yoga Loft just down the street from my hotel.
  • Wednesday 9am: Off to client meetings for the day with my main man Eric Master, our local Chicago rep. We catch up as we cruise around in his red mustang–how he manages with all those FBFA samples in the trunk is beyond me!
  • Wednesday 1:30pm: After feeding a great group of designers, Eric and I pause for some lunch ourselves at the Little Goat Diner in the West Loop. While I eye the mint chocolate chip milkshake I ultimately chicken out, but the goat cheese and roasted pepper omelet from their all-day breakfast is killer!
  • Wednesday 3pm: In between meetings in the West Loop I pop into Kavi Gupta and Rhona Hoffman Gallery for a quick peek at their latest shows.
  • Wednesday 5pm: After a great day meeting lots of new faces, I realize my mani has seen better days so decide to pop into the Cowshed Spa at Soho House Chicago for a quick polish change before diving into my overflowing inbox. Turns out its Wine Wednesdays (hello!) so I sip a glass and choose a robin’s egg blue in hopes it will bring on springtime.
  • Wednesday 7pm: Back at the hotel catching up with the team back home via email, phone, and text as I wrap up the day to the tune of a Seinfeld marathon playing in the background on TV.
  • Thursday 8am: Grab a coffee at Café Integral at Freehand before I head out for the day. Dang! Looks like I’ll miss the dreamcatcher workshop at 1 today, maybe next time 😉
  • Thursday 10am: Stop in at a little bakery that has been around for 62 years (!!) between meetings. I pick up a cherry strudel that has my husband’s name on it, only later realize I will have to lug this thing all the way home today… (don’t worry, me and the strudel made it through customs, and it was worth it)
  • Thursday 11am: The Hyatt offices are so beautiful I just want to hang here all day, too bad we’re off to the next appointment, after a great lunch and learn with the team.
  • Thursday 12pm: Another busy morning done and now it’s time to jump in a car to the airport and head home. I hug Eric goodbye just as the wind starts to pick up again, until next time Chicago!


Ariel Grue Lee is VP Business Development at Farmboy Fine Arts. 


Patrick Chamberlain, 'Unreliable Narrator' exhibition at Kavi Gupta

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