Changing lives with art, one email at a time.

At Farmboy Fine Arts, our goal is to change lives with art. By providing comprehensive art consulting services to esteemed brands and design firms working in the hospitality, healthcare and corporate sectors, we activate these spaces through the meaningful incorporation of art. Now we want to activate your inbox, too.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new newsletter—because to us, the art experience matters. With an updated design and delivery format, we’ll be curating the content that’s most relevant to you. Every other week, you’ll receive stunning image collections, compelling case studies from our 3,000-plus art consulting projects completed to date, insider industry insights, and introductions to some of our favorite artists and artisans.

With clients, sales reps, vendor partners, and artist and gallery connections in key markets around the world, we’re building relationships to help you realize your art vision, ensuring the end users of your work are presented with a purposeful, engaging art experiences. We believe that art can be experienced everywhere, and now that includes your inbox too!

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FBFA Newsletter

FBFA Newsletter

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