Change Lives with Art

Focused on developing intelligent, relevant art experiences, we aren’t simply an artwork provider. We are a partner, offering support and services from initial art concept through design, project management and fulfillment.

Innovation drives us. Our artwork activates environments, engages viewers, and creates meaningful communication.


With superior creative content, innovative products, and relevant, thoughtful art narratives, Farmboy Fine Arts helps hospitality clients realize their art vision, ensuring that hotel guests are presented with purposeful, engaging art experiences.

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Health and Wellness

Leading with evidence-based design we work with our design partners to create compelling seniors and healthcare environments. Through the delivery of intelligent artwork, combined with proven brand building processes, our artwork engages viewers’ spirit and provides quantifiable improved outcomes.

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Fine Art Leasing

The Farmboy Art Fund is a new and innovative art rental platform that enables hospitality, corporate, and retail businesses access to the very best contemporary artworks from around the globe.

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