Hospitality brands are becoming evermore aware of technology’s role in evolving and enhancing the guest experience.

As guest’s tastes, preferences and expectations shift and develop, brands must continually employ novel solutions to keep them engaged and satisfied.

One avenue FBFA is actively exploring is the merger of art and technology to create interactive and immersive hotel experiences. FBFA has partnered with technology industry leaders—such as Stimulant, a San Francisco and Seattle based firm—to develop generative, sensory, kinetic and projection art installations for use in hospitality public spaces and, yes, guest rooms too. As technology develops and hardware costs continue to become more and more competitive, FBFA will be ready to support hospitality brands who want to be on the cutting edge of art, design and technology, by taking advantage of these innovative art applications.

Learn more about Stimulant.

Stimulant - Reunion Tower Digital Installations

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