We’ve had our busiest Fall ever here at Farmboy. Right now, we’re working on a wide range of projects across the globe. Here is a small sample of some of the work we’re particularly proud of right now:

Bringing the Past Forward at a Lakeside Lodge in California

Using a huge collection of archive imagery, we’ve added a modern twist to these playful pictures and brought playful attention to the rich recreational history of the area.

Client one slide show

Invigorating a Corporate Space in Alberta with Energy & Inspiration

With a playful space serving as our canvas and an ambitious and adventurous client, we’ve created a vibrant collection of installations and art mimicking the entrepreneurial spirit of our client’s business.

Client two slide show

A Rich History Made Fun in Philadelphia

A historic property in Philadelphia was looking for a colourful and modern celebration of their past; we used a collection of archive imagery and maps along with contemporary photography to lend a balanced sense of fun to the historic.

Client three slide show

Global Marketplace in Dubai Expressed in Art

A globally recognized landmark shopping center at the heart of Dubai’s city center is adding a hotel and serviced apartments, and the designer was in need of a collection for the public spaces. We set about curating a collection of custom and fine art originals that draws on the notion of global market exchange and the cultural encounters this entails.

Client four slide show

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