Fort Worth Avenue of Lights 1
Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief flipped the switch on artist Cliff Garten’s $1.7 million  light sculpture project recently.

Six identical stainless steel sculptures are the inaugural pieces of the city’s revitalized Lancaster Avenue, the new “Avenue of Lights”, located in the southern section of downtown.

According to an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, “…Each sculpture is formed from what seem to be countless steel disks that, like vertebrae, support the sculpture on its ascent. Fully abstract, each sculpture forms a lyrical double-helix of steel, softly twisting on itself.  Magnifying the work’s intensity is the presence of a series of colored lights, in shades of orange, lilac, red, blue and green that shine individually and in combination from within the sculpture’s skeletal frame.”  |  More Images

Fort Worth Avenue of Lights 2

Fort Worth Avenue of Lights 3Photography by David Kozlowski, Dallas Photoworks.

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