Gold leaf has long been a favorite of artists. Ancients, like the Egyptians and Romans treasured the precious metal reserving the use for royals and the distinguished classes. The Renaissance brought the glimmer to its elaborate frames, a tradition that continues today.

Gustav Klimt’s famed “golden era”, inspired by Byzantine ornament, brought gilt to prominence into modern era. At FBFA we see gold leaf used in a variety of ways in artists’ work. It can be a subtle hint as in the quiet geometric studies of Rebecca Chaperon, a three-dimensional sculpture in the case of Martha Sturdy, or a minimalist work such as a piece by Emanuel Tovar. From subtle and subdued to glamorous and brash, it’s the Midas touch that sometimes makes the piece.

shimmer / glamour / depth / tactile
shimmer / glamour / depth / tactile

Color, gesture, and geometry—the most elemental aspects of modern art. Drawing inspiration from the early 20th century masters of shape and color like Piet Mondrian and his contemporary Theo van Doesburg, our curation of bold and graphic minimalist pieces explores aesthetic harmony in geometric play.

movement / graphic / bright / dynamic / minimalism / primary / vibrant / playful
movement / graphic / bright / dynamic / minimalism / primary / vibrant / playful

Pools, beaches, swimming holes: these are the places, that joyous feeling of endless summer. Images of glimmering water and sun-kissed skin brings us back to a favorite vacation, the family cabin, or splashing around in the backyard pool. Playing with a bright and crisp palette of blues and pinks, our collection is fresh, modern, and graphic.

From underwater beauties captured by preeminent photographer Deanna Templeton, to the sunburnt backs rendered by Taiwanese painter Yang-Tsung Fan, as well as a variety of artwork from our own exclusive licensed artists, the collection captures the heat of summer. So slather on the SPF 30 and jump into summer.

water / summer / sun / play / beach / bikini / sun-kissed / warm / carefree / heat / bliss /
water / summer / sun / play / beach / bikini / sun-kissed / warm / carefree / heat / bliss /