Artist Partners

Heather Chontos

Heather Chontos is a contemporary abstract painter and designer, whose works are recognized by their bold gestures and strong composition.

Skilled in mark making, Heather prefers to use experimental tools, such as credit cards, over traditional paint brushes. The results are bold color fields that explore light, shape, scale and form.

Originally from New York, Heather currently lives and works in Portland, Maine. Though never formally trained in fine art, Heather’s education in art history has her well versed in the classical tropes and structures of painting. Her works are popular across the art and design fields, with pieces found in the permanent collections of Kate Spade, Cole Haan, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit.

Heather is an FBFA Preferred Artist Partner and has been collaborating with our team since 2014.

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