Checking into a boutique hotel is about so much more than just accommodation. At Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA), we believe the properties we build artwork collections for offer innumerable social, cultural, and economic benefits to the communities that surround them, as well as to everyone involved. We ask ourselves what role an art program can play in advancing this cause.

What are the hippest hotels doing to distinguish themselves? The answer: offering unique artist-in-residence programs. As hotels seek to attract guests—particularly experience-craving millennials—in an increasingly competitive market, providing direct access to artists by hosting residencies is a trend on the rise. More than just hosting concerts and exhibitions, hotels are inviting musicians, writers, painters, and artisans to check in and chill out with fellow vacationers. Here, FBFA picks the coolest spots around the globe where you’re likely to meet an artist working on their craft without having to leave your hotel.


Head to ‘one of the four corners of the Earth’ to an eighteenth-century Newfoundland fishing village on the edge of the wild North Atlantic, to the breathtaking Fogo Island Inn, where guests are invited to explore the ‘white cube’ gallery on the first floor. In collaboration with Fogo Island Arts, the gallery showcases the works of selected artists who have completed residencies at the inn. The goal of the public gallery is to provide diverse audiences—local and global—with opportunities to engage with contemporary artworks informed by the specificities of place.

Established in 2008, the program provides support for artistic expression and production for artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians, curators, designers, and thinkers from around the world. Fogo Island Arts places emphasis on creating meaningful partnerships—locally, nationally, and internationally.

Image via Fogo Island Inn


Upon arrival at the impressive Los Cabos beach-front resort of Hotel El Ganzo, creativity and authenticity surround you: the music serenading you was recorded just downstairs in the hotel’s private recording studio; the murals on the walls were painted by artists-in-residence; the restaurants serve seafood caught by the fishermen who dock in the marina steps away. The hotel regularly hosts muralists and graffiti artists who take their brushes and paint cans to the hotel’s white walls and guestrooms, creating temporal masterpieces.

Using traditional imagery from his own cultural heritage, sometimes mixing it up with others from the countries he visits, Mexican street artist, illustrator, and graphic designer Saner creates a distinctive vision of the world. “It’s not just a place you go to vacation” he says of his recent artist-in-residency at El Ganzo, “but to live an all around experience.”

Up next at El Ganzo: don’t miss Aldo Chaparro, contemporary Peruvian artist, whose work focuses mainly on sculpture, design and architecture, April 8-24, 2017.


French-designed Dar HI Eco Lodge & Spa in Nefta, Tunisia, features the innovative Palmlab completely integrated with the hotel’s philosophy. Palmlab is a multi-disciplinary association with the common goal of researching modern usages for the palm tree in different types of industries—interior architecture, textiles, culinary arts, and holistic spa products. The dedicated laboratory sits on the frontier of the South Tunisian desert and is the heart of a network of passionate artists who want to question the limits of their work and participate in constructing a world with strong values.

Image via HKZ Design Magazine


Each Sunday, the Ace Hotel Manhattan and Ace Hotel Shoreditch invite an artist to spend the night and create something, which the hotel then unveils Monday morning on its blog. “We feel a change of pace and place are good for the creative process,” says the Ace team about their one-night-only program. “Constraints can be a great way to open up the thought process.”

Partnering with institutions such as The Museum of Art & Design, Tomorrow Lab, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, Printed Matter, and Flux Factory, the properties have kept their guestrooms in the art game with their quick creative sessions.

Image via Ace Hotel


The Quin New York frequently hosts gifted artists and musicians who, like earlier generations of creatives, appreciate the hotel’s proximity to Manhattan’s most significant cultural landmarks. This residency often results in vibrant creative collaborations, inspiring original artworks and providing fascinating opportunities for guests to interact directly with the artists.

Winter 2017 artist Robert Malmberg’s ‘Light Waves’ exhibition, on now, highlights two diverse expressions of Malmberg’s work and features the color-saturated Neon Landscapes series, in addition to the striking black and white presentation of oversized Manhattan Contact Sheets.

Robert Malmberg Image via The Quin

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