For a recent project in Washington D.C., Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA) was asked to curate a collection of fine art originals, reproductions and custom created pieces for the public spaces of a multi-unit residential development. With the intention of curating an eclectic mix of works that may have been compiled over years of travel and experience, FBFA’s collection is diverse in taste and purpose. It’s the wide array of the pieces themselves that gives coherence to the collection as a whole, spanning everything from traditional works of art to contemporary pieces from emerging talent—both at home and abroad.


ARTIST: Cara Barer   TITLE: Iceberg



ARTIST: Hebert Sanchez   TITLE: Untitled



ARTIST: Golnaz Afraz   TITLE: Les Mangeurs De Pomme De Terre



ARTIST: Golnaz Afraz   TITLE: Les Marionnettes



ARTIST: Kesha Bruce   TITLE: Wresting with Angels (3 of 4)

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