I now have in my possession an original sketch by a silversmith who designed objects of art for Federico Fellini.

Roberto and Claudio Franchi work at the historic family workshop established in 1886, having inherited the know-how of four generations of Roman silver making masters. They both joined the workshop at a very young age and, after learning the techniques for restoring and preserving vintage artifacts, began researching contemporary shapes, still inspired by traditional Roman craftsmanship.

On the Via Tor di Nona our tour group piled into the workshop—a space of historic importance, representing the great tradition of the Roman Orafa School which holds over two millennia of history. As each of us entered the space we were presented with a very special souvenir: a silversmith was hand-sketching a unique design for each of us, depicting a silver artwork to be forged.

The rich catalogue of the workshop’s collections ranges from artistic tableware to sacred art objects and jewellery. The workshop boasts a long history of prestigious collaborations (including those with director Federico Fellini and Italian pop artist Franco Angeli) as well as more recent creations for the Vatican such as the Fisherman’s Ring for Pope Benedict XVI and the Acheiropoieta Icon made for the Easter liturgy.

So, if you desire to have a monogram removed from your silver, or want to replace your dishwasher-dulled flatware with utensils fit for a queen, visit Franchi argentieri dal 1886.

“Farmboy in Roma” is a blog series by FBFA Acquisitions Manager, Fatima Travassos, which offers readers a rare glimpse into the studios of some of Rome’s top artisans. A special thank you to the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Western Canada for offering FBFA the opportunity to participate in this unique experience.

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