We hope you’ve been enjoying this blog series celebrating the top artisans of Rome. This month, we’d like to share the work of artist Glauco Cambi, a sculptor and jewelry designer who specializes in unique pieces, some of which feature unpredictable moving parts. But Cambi’s skills are not not limited to wearable sculpture—he also designs and makes custom furniture, interactive wall art and paintings.

Cambi initially approached me to discuss his work at a soirée for the ERE Project hosted at the Empire Palace Hotel. He was incredibly enthusiastic about his art practice, and understandably so. His intricate jewelry pieces are particularly intriguing with their moveable parts and magical quality.

He showed me one of his pieces which he says possesses the power to transport the wearer into another universe; he described the piece as “an emotive device which leads us through the soul’s infinite ebbs.” And this is no ordinary necklace, folks. Cambi created this “tender compass”, as he calls it, to be used as an “allegorical map of emotions” whereby the wearer can select and display an endless combination of French words.

Later that week, we visited him at his studio in the centre of Rome, near St. Peter’s Basilica, where we enjoyed the sensory experience of running our hands over a piece of wall art called Tattile 3. Tattile, meaning “tactile”, is an apt name for this piece, not only because it moves when touch and pressure is applied, but also because it creates a subtle, vibrating sound.

Having gained significant work experience with some of the top goldsmiths of Rome, Cambi started his own workshop in 1992, where he continues to research and experiment with various metals, such as bronze, silver, copper and various golds using the traditional lost wax technique. Each and every stone is carefully selected for its uniqueness and natural expressive value, “a fragment of a geological story”, as he likes to say.

‘Farmboy in Roma’ is a series by FBFA Senior Designer, Fatima Travassos, which offers readers a rare glimpse into the studios of some of Rome’s top artisans. A special thank you to the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Western Canada for offering FBFA the opportunity to participate in this experience.

"Compas du Tendre" - Bronze, yellow gold, quartz stones and marcasite deposits

Glauco Cambi -

"Tattile 3" - Bronze and chiselled lead

Glauco Cambi -


Interactive custom wall sculpture by Glauco Cambi-sculptor & jewellry. #romanartisans

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