If you are never content with off-the-shelf objects of art or factory furniture, then you will appreciate the quality, distinction, and uniqueness of Marco Riccardi Bronzista’s approach to design. With over forty years of traditional craftsmanship, he is one of the most influential artisans we meet on our journey through Rome.

Riccardi took over the family business, which was launched by his father in the 1960s. Now employing six people, the workshop produces artifacts and provides accompanying consulting services to distinguished clients. Known amongst connoisseurs for exceptional skill and constant innovation, the family operation is busy with everything from restorations—including the numerous antique chandeliers above us—to furniture commissions in bronze, brass, and other metals.

During our visit to his studio, Riccardi showed us an art piece he’s working on which features anatomically-perfect 8-inch tall people climbing a grid work wall. As he describes his plans for the piece, along with numerous other side projects, his passion for his craft is obvious. Riccardi’s one-of-a-kind pieces that have made his workshop a point of reference in the Italian capital’s artisan industry.

To coincide with his incredible attention to detail, and to commemorate our visit, he presented each of us with a beautifully designed gift: an embossed box containing a hammered bronze paper weight with the company insignia debossed on the underside. Underneath the weight, there is a beautifully bound postcard portfolio of his signature pieces. Not surprisingly, his work has been featured in numerous interior design periodicals.

So, if you have great aspirations of seeing your home in the pages of Architectural Digest, and only the best will do, contact Riccardi here.

‘Farmboy in Roma’ is a blog series by FBFA Acquisitions Manager, Fatima Travassos, which offers readers a rare glimpse into the studios of some of Rome’s top artisans. A special thank you to the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Western Canada for offering FBFA the opportunity to participate in this unique experience.

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