I’m surprised by my staff pick. I don’t know what came over me. This is not an image that any of my colleagues at Farmboy likely would have expected me to choose.

When it comes to my personal preferences—as in, when I’m thinking about art without any clients in mind—I have a strange attraction to subject matter depicting mundane every day objects and rather plain scenes from ordinary life: plastic bags and bottles, computer screens, trash cans, construction paraphernalia, I can’t tell you why. These are pictures I don’t anticipate our hospitality clients will be clamoring for anytime soon, which is why I had originally (and somewhat rebelliously) been thinking of something in that vein for my selection.

But, for whatever reason, as I was perusing a collection of personal favorites from our library, this photographic series of flowers by Mike Bernard came to mind, and I knew immediately this one would be my choice. When I first started working at Farmboy almost two years ago, this was one of the first series that caught my eye, and I’ve been thinking about these photos every day, waiting for the perfect opportunity to place them, the ideal setting, ever since.

I’m not exactly sure how Mike captured this photo. At first I would suspect he fogged up his lens before clicking away, but on second look, I think maybe the flowers are simply behind a piece of frosted glass. Either way, it gives the photo an ethereal quality that I’m completely entranced by. Maybe for me it’s that perfect compromise: an interference between man and nature (my personal taste), and something organic and inarguably beautiful, entirely appropriate for our clientele.

Craig David Long is Design Director with Farmboy Fine Arts.

Mike Bernard - MWB.400.00010

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