Farmhand Dana Bay, Head of Project Management, discusses one of her favorite pieces in the FBFA Collection and tells us what she likes about it.

Who is the artist?

Christopher Swift – CSW.000.00009

Why do you like it? 

Do you remember the story of Dumbo? I do because it was my favorite Disney short.

Mrs. Jumbo gets her baby from a stork. The baby elephant is ridiculed for his big ‘ol ears and gets shunned by all the other elephants who then nickname him, Dumbo. Enter Timothy Q. Mouse, Dumbo’s mentor and protector who naturally, gets Dumbo drunk and together they see hallucinations of pink elephants – a true friend, that Timothy Q. Mouse. The next morning, Dumbo and Timothy wake up in a tree, which (obviously) was the result of Dumbo flying them up there with those big ‘ol ears of his. Bet you wish you weren’t so mean to poor old Dumbo!… you see Dumbo in this image too, right?


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