When I first visited Vancouver in 2014, I fell in love. The stunning landscape that wraps around this beautiful city and serves as its backdrop was something that I couldn’t possibly forget, and it played a big part in my decision to move here. Coming from the South West of Australia (a very flat part of the country), the mountains of the North Shore and surrounds took my breath away. And even after being here for over one year, they still do, every day!

I love how this photo by Todd Lawson captures all of that, bathed in the beautiful light of dusk. The long exposure of the boat’s movement through the water also draws me in. Not only does it add a mesmerizing element to this image, with the light glimmering and creating reflections, but it also seems to perfectly capture the permanence and majesty of British Columbia’s environment, positioned against the temporary and continuously changing nature of human movement and travel.

Jessica Desmond is Special Projects Manager at Farmboy Fine Arts.


Todd Lawson - TSL.200.00013

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