One of my all-time favorite pieces to see and propose is the painting, ‘Eros Becoming,’ by local Vancouver artist Marta Baricsa. The fluid brushstrokes and subtle, controlled blending of color make this painting one of my go-to pieces when proposing artwork for clients. It’s perfect as it is but it’s also an easy piece to work with, adjusting the colors to set different moods – from zen, calm blues and greens to playful, summery pinks. Every time I see it, it feels like a completely new piece and it was fun to share and discuss the altered works with Marta when she visited the FBFA studios.


Jordan Hilliard is Senior Designer and Product Manager at Farmboy Fine Arts. 


Marta Baricsa - Eros Becoming (MAR.010.00011)


FBFA x Marta Baricsa - MAR.010.00043

FBFA-MAR.010.00044-Marta Baricsa

FBFA x Marta Baricsa - MAR.010.00044

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