When I first started working at Farmboy, I introduced myself to our image library by putting together a ‘Cities I’ve Lived’ collection. Looking back on that collection, water is overwhelmingly present. Having grown up in Vancouver, with the ocean knocking on our door, I can’t help but smile when I see a photo of rolling waves.

I love this photo of Arian Camilleri’s, which shows the energy of the East River in New York—my second home. I spent a good portion of my East Coast summers taking in this exact view: hiding out in a quiet park overlooking the river, reading to distract myself from the heat. As one of my favorite authors, Budd Schulberg, says, “The sea is that exquisite equilibrium of movement and matter we call serenity.”

Kelly Gauvin is the Visual Asset Coordinator at Farmboy Fine Arts.


Arian Camilleri - AVC.400.00102

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