I am really drawn to the entire body of work by Ajay Malghan that we have in our collection. His photography is beautiful and spans a wide variety of subject matter from bold architectural to expressive abstracts. Whatever the genre, he has a great way of framing and capturing the feeling in the moment.

This abstract photograph is particularly intriguing as it seems impossible to define what you’re looking at. I have chosen this image because it is dynamic, bright, organic and mysterious. Malghan¬†is not afraid of using vivid colours, but equally can find great textures in the dark.

I also have to mention how interesting his process is, as well as his story. Personally, the background of a piece, the process, development and what the artist was thinking/doing when making the piece can really seal the deal for me. And in this case, Malghan is so very interesting, and so dedicated to his craft and exploration, which I love. He is not searching for answers, he is questioning, experimenting, observing, exploring, and repeating. His artistic practice is so great. If you have some spare time I recommend watching the video linked on this page and getting to know one of our artists a little better!


Neela Kler is a designer with Farmboy Fine Arts.

Ajay Malghan - IAM.000.00018

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