Farmhand Oliver McPartlin, Designer at Farmboy, discusses one of his favorite pieces in the FBFA Collection and tells us what he likes about it.

Who is the artist?

Holly Hames – HJH.200.00014

Why do you like it?

I find myself drawn to this image, not only for its simple and striking depiction of the ocean’s immensity but also for the deftness with which the image has been processed. Maybe it was actually shot on film and developed in a lab. Maybe the Kodachrome feel here is the result of a delicate and skillful curves adjustment in Photoshop, paired with a hint of noise. Either way, something about this shot strikes me as powerfully nostalgic, without being heavy-handed, over-processed, or Instagram-ish.

But what’s more interesting to me is how such a feeling can be invoked simply by nudging the colour cast of an image in just the right direction to tap into a whole ephemeral, semiotic complex of implications and associations. The slightest adjustment can elevate an image from a simple photo of the sea, to something enigmatic, wistful, and slightly surreal.


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