I have been a huge fan of Alexis Gerard’s work since he signed on with FBFA. I always find his shots breathtaking—the composition, color, texture … . I still get fooled by some of his images and can’t tell right away what they are; are they taken from above, or are they extreme close-ups? His images are always arresting, and I propose them often to our clients.

This windswept lady reminds me of Claude Monet’s La dame au parasol (Woman with a Parasol), a figure he painted often, and I’m sure it’s intentional. I love that Alexis was able to subtly wink at one of the Impressionist masters through his own medium, at the same time creating a whole new, beautiful, evocative image. To me, it’s one of those perfect shots that make photography look easy, when it actually demands enormous talent and work. What a great eye for beauty and talent for storytelling.

Rafaella Petrolacci is a Designer at Farmboy Fine Arts.


Alexis Gerard - AJG.300.00003

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