I first saw this image in a project proposal for a local property, and it caught my attention right away. This handmade collage–a collaboration between FBFA designer Rafaella Petrolacci and FBFA contributing photographer Trevor Cooper–includes all the features of historic Gastown that I love: the cobblestones, flatiron building, lamp posts, and steam clock. The moody coloration captures Vancouver very well, and adds to the appeal.

I enjoy exploring Gastown after dark, when all the street lamps are lit, and the lights in the trees reflect on the old cobblestone streets. The faceted design of this collage adds definition, and the abstraction of the images makes it unique and intriguing. To those unfamiliar with Vancouver, it may seem gloomy; to me, though, this image is home. The best thing is, this gem is right behind the FBFA office, which makes it extra special!

Sheena Mañalac is an Account Coordinator at Farmboy Fine Arts. 

FBFA-Trevor Cooper-TAC.110.00002

FBFA x Trevor Cooper - TAC.110.00002

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