Ajay Malghan provides Farmboy with some of our most visually compelling and vibrant abstract photography. Incorporating fervent experimentation in his process, Ajay is continually searching for new ways to approach his craft.

“My practice revolves around manipulation,” says Ajay, “usually starting with an analog process in the darkroom or manipulating film with bleach, hydrogen peroxide, coffee, oven cleaner… basically any household items that are corrosive or acidic. I like using various tools in my process; scanners, expired film, they all have something new to offer and allow me to approach the craft in different ways.”

Finding inspiration in equally disparate sources, Ajay explains, “A lot of my inspiration comes from reading the news and various science magazines. My father is a scientist, so that’s been ingrained into my head since I was a kid. The people around me always inspire me, I have recently started making art with Declan, my three year old nephew and his questions provide a lot of ideas, my girlfriend, parents, friends and musicians like Rafiq Bhatia and Ben Frost… basically anyone taking chances and making art that transcends any classification.”


At FBFA, we carefully curate and license exclusive selections of work from our artists. We then promote these select pieces to our international hospitality, corporate and healthcare clients.

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