For photographer Florence Delva, the art is in the details. Literally. Exploring texture, shape and color of simple objects, Florence offers an amazing array of macro photographs.

“Inspiration can come from anything,” explains Florence, “a nap in the grass in Normandy, a few words I hear or read, a folded piece of paper on the kitchen counter, a reflection on a window, a movie, a painting… and it can be sudden or it can take years before it becomes evident.”

Florence simply allows this organic discovery to progress on it’s own, trusting the process.

“The way I work is totally instinctive. I have a general idea of the subject I want to work on, but I don’t think of an individual image before taking it. I never know how it’s going to look—I just let my impressions, sensations and emotions do the work.”

Despite being born from an organic process, her photographs are always rooted and concrete—to varying degrees—skirting typical macro abstractionism and offering a welcoming accessibility.

Florence continues, “The magic happens when the object comes to life. I love this euphoric moment; it fuels my creativity and my desire to go further, to show the way I perceive a moment, to “invent” a parallel reality between representation and abstraction.”


At FBFA, we carefully curate and license exclusive selections of work from our artists. We then promote these select pieces to our international hospitality, corporate and healthcare clients.

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