As a child, photographer Janice Sullivan used a microscope to investigate the world around her. From bugs and plants, to people and everyday objects—Janice was enthralled with the world revealed by this close-up perspective. Swapping out her microscope for a camera and lens, Janice continues to explore a macro view of the world.

“I have always loved art,” says Janice, “and now with my camera and lens, I have a creative way to get up close and personal. I view my camera like the microscope of my youth and change my setting to change up the feel of the image… soft or hard, bright or dark, etc… I just can’t get enough.”

Based in California—where she runs Sullivan J Photography—Janice allows the subject to inform her process.

“I begin to photograph my work by tethering the image on my computer so I can see it better,” explains Janice. “I study the subject to see what is important to me. I start focusing on various parts of a flower and take it further… enhancing color or increasing sharpness in a particular area. I absolutely love color so that is a big part of my work.”

But the subject isn’t the only facet that impacts Janice’s process—time also plays a role in finalizing a piece.

Janice explains, “I rarely feel my images are complete, but when I feel it’s taken me to where I want… soft, happy, elegant, harsh, etc… I’ll leave it a lone for a couple of days and then go back to it. If I don’t feel I need to make any more changes I send the images to my personal stock site and leave there for others to view.


At FBFA, we carefully curate and license exclusive selections of work from our artists. We then promote these select pieces to our international hospitality, corporate and healthcare clients.

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