FBFA recently did a snap-shot interview with Photographer Maxime Boisvert to gain a glimpse into his creative process.

FBFA: Can you describe where the inspiration for your work comes from?

Maxime Boisvert: Inspiration comes to me through my readings as I need to connect my creation to some kind of knowledge. Art is a tool for exploration and understanding the world, so I keep myself in an open state of mind where my fields of interests will influence my perception and comprehension and thus my creativity. So I try to put myself in a position where the reality will surprise me, where accidents can happen. So by chance I discover a way of seeing things, a technique that reveals a different aspect of the world that surrounds us and then I try to exploit it.


At FBFA, we carefully curate and license exclusive selections of work from our artists. We then promote these select pieces to our international hospitality, corporate and healthcare clients.

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