Michael Edmondson is a BC-based photographer and one of FBFA’s most popular artists. Capturing close-up photographs of objects, Edmondson’s work takes on an abstract feel despite is hyper-detailed composition.

“For me, photography is an adventure,” says Edmondson. “It is like being on a treasure hunt for beautiful or interesting structures or things or little patches of light. I want to take you where you do not belong. I want to show you something you have never seen. To do this I simply go where I don’t belong and try to see things I have not seen… through the lens of a camera.”

To find these places, Edmondson simply relies on the world around him.

“Inspiration comes from a simple love of seeing and all the things that can be seen,” he explains. “It comes from dwelling in this beautiful, unlikely, absurd existence we find ourselves in.”


At FBFA, we carefully curate and license exclusive selections of work from our artists. We then promote these select pieces to our international hospitality, corporate and healthcare clients.

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