FBFA recently did a snap-shot interview with photographer Shaun Kurry to gain a glimpse into his creative process.

FBFA: Can you describe where the inspiration for your work comes from?

Shaun Kurry: Even though I primarily shoot in digital, I love my Mamiya RB67 and feel that shooting films forces you to be deliberate in your actions. My inspiration usually is a combination of previous contact with a given subject along with an intense desire to slow down my creative process and connect more with the passion I have for photography.

FBFA: How do you take your work from concept to completed piece?

SK: On the film side, concept usually starts with familiarity to a subject along with a need for a break from the production of the commercial side of photography. I simply decide a week or so in advance to shoot film on some given day or weekend and then gather all of my equipment and spend an entire day methodically taking photographs. I also take away a certain degree of entertainment with the process of having to wait in anticipation for developed rolls to return to me in order to confirm that my visions on a subject actually have materialized.


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