Dina Goldstein opened up Studio XX, her East Vancouver space, to Farmboy Fine Arts on a bittersweet occasion, t’s her last days in this studio before she relocates to a new space, to be known as The Bunker.

Naturally, the end of an era and a move across town have brought a small level of chaos to the space; fascinating odds and ends have surfaced from the moving preparations, odd props and pieces of costumes from photoshoots past. The studio is equal parts fascinating and welcoming; crisp, white walls, high ceilings and an abundance of natural light tower over an inspiration wall made up of personal mementos, art achievements, and aspirational clippings.

Studio XX

A close-up detail of Dina's inspiration board

Modern Girl Series

In the Dollhouse Series

Dina and her team independently produce large-scale photographic human studies that break down the divide between reality and fantasy. Her work is striking, shocking, thought provoking and humorous. The level of detail and planning that goes into each artwork is evident, captivating the viewer. On display are various framed works from different series, Fallen Princesses, In the Dollhouse and Gods of Surburbia, along with a wall of characters from her early series titled Trackrecord.

Curled up on the sofa, hard at work is studio dog, Taco. Amidst a spread of photography, we devour sweet treats and discuss, amongst other things, Dina’s successful career and the changing face of Vancouver City. We’re treated to sneak preview of her much anticipated new series Modern Girl to be debuted and exhibited in Paris.

Dina Goldstein talking about her latest work

Fallen Princesses Series

Fallen Princesses Series

Studio XX inspiration wall

We’d like to thank Dina, Taco and her team for inviting us to Studio XX and allowing us to document some of their last moments in this significant space.

Studio dog, Taco, hard at work

Track Record Series

Dina + the FBFA Team

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