Delta Hotels Re-brand


Earlier in June, FBFA’s Todd Towers had a chance to settle in for a chat with Tim Aubrey, Delta Hotel’s Vice President of Technology & Innovation to discuss Delta’s re-brand and the work they did with Farmboy.

Todd Towers: Tell us a little bit about the re-branding you’ve been undertaking at Delta.

Tim Aubrey: The consistency and care we take in composing our private spaces across all of our properties is of great importance to us. By putting greater consideration and focus on the selection and placement of signature art and furniture pieces, we realized how much power and control we had in creating a new feel for our guest spaces.

TT: Tell us about why you chose art

TA: Art is a vehicle to move us away from the boring and mechanical hospitality experience and into a space where we can evoke feeling, create mood, and ultimately create an anchor point for the brand to connect with our guests.

TT: So, ultimately, what effect do you feel these changes are going to have on the guest experience?

TA: The changes are dramatic in their simplicity. We’ve collaborated with Farmboy to create a really well-balanced art program; something our guests may not notice as an overly obvious change, but they will definitely notice the feeling the space evokes. Every piece is chosen carefully, so that it all feels like it belongs as an expression of the brand; you guys played a big part in the success of that dramatic simplicity.

TT: As the head of the farm here, I do have to ask what it was like working with our team?

TA: Back to the consistency and care in private spaces I mentioned, you helped us foster an authentic sense of “local” while maintaining a brand standard across multiple different properties. I’d define the relationship as one with a very high level of trust; we see all the effort your team puts in and recognize in your work that you’re as passionate about what we’re trying to accomplish as we are. That makes you not only really easy to work with, but a trusted partner we know we can communicate with very well on both personal and at a brand level.

TT: Thanks for your time today, will you update us on the success of this project as you roll this out across more properties?

TA: It was great to chat with you. I’ll definitely be following up.

To see a selection of artworks from the exclusive Delta Collection
click here.

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