Think. Draw. Build.


On the fourth floor terrace of Rosewood Hotel Georgia, in a shallow pond, emanating vibrancy and demanding attention, sits a bright yellow sculpture known as “Flux”; a piece that not only fits within the entire collection at the hotel but also adds life and energy to a seemingly grey and rainy Vancouver day.

Obviously there are certain elements that go into creating works of art. In this case and in addition to the blood, sweat and tears, we concluded that much of it is not only creatively driven but also process driven. In its simplest form we think, we draw and later we build. “Flux” was no different and is actually the result of this. From conceptualization all the way through to realization, “Flux” not only interacts with the existing environmental design but also brightens the shaded space with colour and motion.

More on the Rosewood Hotel Georgia here.

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