When Seed Design approached us on behalf of their client, the Los Angeles location of a restaurant chain specializing in contemporary Mexican cuisine, designers were looking for a custom wall covering to be installed on a continuous wall in the main dining area of the restaurant.

Using colors present in traditional Mexican art and textiles, we wanted to ensure a modern feel was infused in this massive piece of custom wallpaper. The wall covering was to be segmented into 18” sections by an overlay of custom millwork panels or “fins” and an array of existing down lighting. Our designers began working with a gradient of specially selected colors to compliment the interior design and acknowledge the Mexican roots of the restaurant with an added contemporary twist.

Our concept was to create a step by step color transition, like a large color chart that had a technical ‘dissection’ of color tone, tint and shade. We explored a number of approaches and identified 7 colors to be repeated. We also brought forth the idea of making each band a combination of variations of the same color and added a textural element to the design that was only visible up close. The challenges presented by the large size of the panel and installation into existing space were no match for our design and production teams who worked carefully to ensure that the final result exceeded our client’s expectations.

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