Fine Art Leasing

Our team at Farmboy Fine Arts provides consulting services to develop our clients’ acquisitions collectible artworks. With over 15 years of market experience we are knowledgeable experts in art investments that resonate and elevate with brands.

Eric Olsen - Install
Wanda Koop - Gorilla

Art as an Asset

Our innovative art leasing platform that de-risks fine art acquisitions, mitigating large capital expenses, creating the opportunity to hold museum-quality, luxury art at any budget.

Brand Building

With over 15 years of experience as art advisors, we understand how art narratives resonate with brands. With a deft understanding of the art market and contemporary art trends, we are able to strengthen brand messages, guest experiences and their cultural and intellectual value through the acquisition of art.


Art Leasing: Our service helps monitor annual operating expenses and eliminates risky capital investments.

Art Financing: To facilitate acquisitions, we lend money to clients offering industry competitive interest rates and discreet, professional service.

Sale-Leaseback: Clients sell all or a portion of their fine art collection to gain confidential, instant liquidity, then subsequently lease the pieces back at a preferred rate while the assets remain in their keeping.

Our Fine Art Leasing program is facilitated by the Farmboy Art Fund. Visit our website to learn more about the Farmboy Art Fund.