Fine Art Leasing

Our team provides a variety of fine art leasing services aimed at reducing the financial burden of building an engaging, premium fine art collection. We’re knowledgeable art investment experts, leveraging our nearly 20-years industry experience supporting and elevating brands.

Eric Olsen - Install
Wanda Koop - Gorilla

Art as an Asset

Our innovative art leasing services de-risks fine art acquisitions, mitigating large capital expenses while creating the opportunity to hold and display museum-quality, premium fine art.


Brand Building

We understand how art narratives connect to brands. With a deft understanding of the art market and contemporary trends, our thoughtful art narratives demonstrate brand personality, allowing the artwork’s cultural and intellectual value to resonate across the brand.



Art Leasing: Control annual operating expenses and eliminates risky capital investments.

Art Financing: Acquire works through competitive financing rates and discreet, professional service.

Sale-Leaseback: Sell all or a portion of an existing collection to gain liquidity, then lease and display the pieces at a preferred rate.

Our Fine Art Leasing program is facilitated by the Farmboy Art Fund. Visit our website to learn more about the Farmboy Art Fund.