Born in Rotterdam and based in Vancouver, Andre Petterson is a multi-media artist whose photo-based works explore the idea of the ‘split second’. His works pause never-to-be-repeated moments in time, freezing the unstopping action. Petterson dresses his photographs with palpable motion, brushstrokes, drips, and fabric to recharge the captured moment’s energy.

Petterson’s unexpected and dynamic photographs drew us in with their detail back in 2013. Since, we have collected his works for The Woodley, a luxury residential development in Washington, D.C., where he is found in good company alongside 31 international artists.

NEXT is an ongoing series of profiles of emerging and established contemporary fine artists whose work Farmboy Fine Arts has acquired, commissioned, or proposed in previous projects.

Andre Petterson - Blue

Andre Petterson - Seven Up

Andre Petterson - Three

Andre Petterson - Amour-Propre

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