For our first in a new series of profiles of emerging artists practicing in the contemporary fine art sphere, we look to an artist who is active within our local arts community here in Vancouver, but whose work has an international relevance that resonates with our ongoing consulting work in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Born in the United States, raised in Tehran and having lived between Canada and the Middle East since 1996, Babak Golkar has developed numerous bodies of work that juxtapose disparate traditions and navigate cultural barriers. The results assert common ground and allow for various interpretations and understandings. Golkar’s work has been exhibited at The Victoria and Albert Museum (London), BrotKunsthalle (Vienna), Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki), Southern Exposure (Los Angeles) and Sanatorium Project (Istanbul). He has also presented with the artist collective Edge of Arabia.








Grounds For Standing and Understanding, 2012
Dimensions varied
Persian carpet, wood, lacquer
Photo: Scott Massey
Courtesy of Studio Babak Golkar and The Jameel Collection, London
L.C. II (Le Corbusier Derivatives), 2009-2013
15” x 15” x 2”
Wood, stain, metal, paint 
Courtesy of Studio Babak Golkar and the Third Line Gallery
Mechanisms of Disorientation: Towards a Fragmented Understanding, 2012
Dimensions varied
Mirror ball, wooden plinth, light projectors, film slides
Renaissance and Medieval section of Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Photo: Christa Holka
From God to Malevich, 180 View, Left to Right, Then Reversed, To Be Viewed at an Arm’s-Length, 2009
40″ x 40″ (each)
Lenticular Print
“Parergon”, 2011 (installation view)
Courtesy of Studio Babak Golkar and Mohammed Hafiz Collection, Jeddah
Untitled (Green Mosque), 2011 (detail)
Dimensions: 79″ x 24″ x 6″
Acrylic sheets, wood, lacquer
Courtesy of Studio Babak Golkar and Mohammed Hafiz Collection, Jeddah

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