Houston, Texas based artist Cara Barer is renowned for her unique approach to creating abstract imagery using recycled books.

Each book is manipulated beyond recognition using various techniques; the pages are curled into sculptural effect and the flat edges are dyed in vibrant hues. These dynamic compositions invite the viewer to consider the evolution of the book and its transformation. By changing a common reference book into a work of sculpture and photographing the outcome, Barer is visually documenting the way in which society has come to retrieve information and allude to the obsolescent status of the book in the contemporary digital age.

These themes made Cara Barer’s photograph Consumption perfect for placement in the library of The Woodley Residence, a luxury multi-tenant real estate development in Washington, DC, that Farmboy Fine Arts outfitted with 45 original works of art in 2014.

NEXT is an ongoing series of profiles of emerging and established contemporary fine artists whose work Farmboy Fine Arts has acquired, commissioned, or proposed in previous projects.

Cara Barer - Angel Food

Cara Barer - Rogets

Cara Barer - Blue Rose

Cara Barer - White Glider

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