Hailing from Seattle, Washington, artist and curator Serrah Russell is deft at creating dialogues between two, seemingly, disparate images.

Drawing from archival and contemporary magazines—fashion, lifestyle, and otherwise—Russell creates collages that are stirring and lyrical. The artist, who has exhibited at the Photo Center Northwest, Frye Art Museum, the Lawrimore Project, and more, folds and crops found imagery to create tension or resolve. Often including corporeal moments—a gesture with a hand, a knee, a shoulder—Russell’s collages tease out more than just the glossy associations we have for magazine images. Landscapes become abstracted and removed from their temporal place.

Through a glossary of everyday images, sifting through the onslaught of advertising and visual media we consume daily, Russell inspires reflection and quietude, arranging images into poetry.

Do we get what we deserve?

A way out is always a way in.

It feels like we've been here before

A prayer with eyes wide open.

You had a wandering heart but it only meant you were drawn to where the light was.

There was a mountain beneath the one that you knew.

The world we live in

You are the mountain that is forever in my bones.

Does anything good come from earthquakes?

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