Los Angeles–based artist Sherin Guirguis is a multi-faceted mixed media painter and sculptor. Born and raised in Egypt, her Arabic background shows through in her juxtaposition of intricate ornamentation and the Western concept of minimalism. She uses her art practice to investigate frictions between the contemporary and the traditional, the reductive and the ornamental.

Her beautifully rich and layered canvases, incomparable with their calligraphic flourishes, caught our attention back in 2013; since, we have collected her works for the Fairmont Baku Flame Towers, which FBFA elevated with a fine art collection including over 150 original works from more than 60 artists.

Guirguis’s work can be found in numerous museum collections, including the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Las Vegas Museum of Contemporary Art. Her work has also been exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions in Dubai, London, New York, and beyond.

NEXT is an ongoing series of profiles of emerging and established contemporary fine artists whose work Farmboy Fine Arts has acquired, commissioned, or proposed in previous projects.

Sherin Guirguis - Untitled (Bab Huda)

Sherin Guirguis - Untitled (Olla A-F)

Sherin Guirguis - Untitled (octagram)

Sherin Guirguis - Untitled (hexagon)

Sherin Guirguis - Untitled (quadrilateral)

Sherin Guirguis - El Sokareya

Sherin Guirguis - Untitled (Shubback III)

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