At Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA) our team are not only innovators, but experts at assessing and analyzing emerging and happening movements within the art and design world. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to deliver cutting-edge, refined art collections from an informed and connected perspective, in turn driving brand value. FBFA’s consulting experience gives us insight to produce stand-out, world-class projects with longevity and relevance. Here are a few of our predictions for 2017 from our industry insiders.




Global color authority Pantone launches Greenery 15-0343, a fresh and zesty yellow-green hue. Inspired by health and wellness, nature, and vitality, the daily expressions of this color include urban planning, architecture, lifestyle, and design choices globally. The more disconnected our modern lives become, the deeper our craving for the cathartic experience of the natural world’s physical beauty. ‘Nature’s neutral’ is no longer on the periphery; green is taking center stage in the art world, ranging from soft sages to elegant emeralds. This life-affirming shade is here in a big way. Learn more.





Image via Pantone

Image via Pantone

Jordan Hilliard | FJH.310.00023

Jordan Hilliard for Farmboy Fine Arts


Geometric and graphic patterns have been a strong trend through 2016 and will continue their dominance this year. As influential New York City-based interior designer Young Huh says: ‘We’ll see inventive geometrics that speak to ancient cultures, whether it is African or Asian patterns, but they’ll be modernized. Think simple lines, geometric designs, and triangles’. FBFA’s curated collection, Graphic Landscapes, reinterprets this trend in a fresh way for the upcoming year.

Melissa Gidney x Farmboy Fine Arts | MEG.410.00005

Melissa Gidney x Farmboy Fine Arts

Alexis Gerard for Farmboy Fine Arts | AJG.000.00070

Alexis Gerard for Farmboy Fine Arts

Enchanted Botanicals

The numerous studies of exposure to nature on human health are undeniable. As National Geographic states: ‘When we get closer to nature—be it untouched wilderness or a backyard tree—we do our over-stressed brains a favor’. We are seeing a return to our organic roots through up-cycling, alternative farming, and urban homesteading. This re-connection to nature provides a restored feeling and improved mental performance. Plants are entering our environment through design in ways from geometric planters housing tiny succulents, illustrative floral wallpaper, and the fashion runway, to artwork featuring wild botanicals inspired by Eastern European Folklore. At FBFA we’re seeing compositions featuring strange and unique foliage, with deep layers of flora disguising complex, mysterious narratives. Learn more.

Image by Jeff Yiu via W Magazine

Krista Johnson for Farmboy Fine Arts

Quirky Animals

This year, the wild kingdom is domesticated by bringing everything from woodland creatures to predators of the Serengeti indoors and adorning them in human garments. These playful, upbeat photographs and illustrations are intended to be humorous and poke fun at society’s slight pet obsession. By adding human accessories like headphones or a blazer, we attribute expressions and feelings to these animals. This modern twist on classical paraphernalia is driven by the desire to see ‘man’s best friend’ humanized, and celebrated in artwork on display.

Jordan Hilliard for Farmboy Fine Arts

Jordan Hilliard for Farmboy Fine Arts

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