One of the first images that we conceptualized, developed, and sold for a hotel guestroom roll out was a piece for W Seoul in 2004.

Our first employed FBFA designer, Patrick Conaty, created this work in and was a first for FBFA on many levels: It was our first full guestroom roll out order for an entire hotel, our first W Hotel roll out, our first 5-Star property, and our first APAC development in Seoul, Korea.

I remember the day we spoke about developing this work and how we would create a suite of four prints printed on sliver paper, rear mounted to acrylic, and hung as one linear installation. We wanted to create an environment devoid of an actual perspective or place but, instead, create a “Zen” moment that allowed the viewer to feel as if they were sitting inside of a garden looking through bonsai trees. Printing on acrylic was new at the time, and creating a border-less artwork that could be float mounted from behind was an original idea, and one that we really pioneered for hotels in this way.The result was a series of contemplative, meaningful pieces that helped contribute to what turned into over 2,200 pieces delivered to the Hotel, and a wonderful collection that helped us grow our brand and business reputation as leading art vendors and consultants.

I still have one set installed at my family ranch and when ever I see them they bring me back to the “make it or break it” days of starting FBFA. At the time W Seoul represented our largest ever contract, our most complex job, and, to this date, one of my fondest memories of growing the business and risking it all to make it work. Thanks for creating this wonderful image Patrick!

Todd Towers is the founder and CEO of Farmboy Fine Arts. 

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