There’s some fantastic personalities here at Farmboy Fine Arts, and its high time everyone got to know us. Staff were asked a slate of 60 odd questions, and answered a minimum of 20 of their choice. Consider this a bit of a personality test of sorts, but without the satisfying score at the end.
What is your name? Ariel
What do you do at Farmboy (what’s your title)? Project Manager
What does that mean in plain English? A little from colum A and a little from column B… but essentially I manage the workflow of projects at the design desk and head up any special projects (internal, marketing, art consulting etc).
What are you really good at? Telling you what to do
What neighborhood do you live in? List three things that make you want to live there? West End
My apartment building, the Beaconsfeild
Walking by the dog park on the way to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday
Guu, Don Guacamole’s, Mis Trucos, 1181, Jang Mo Jib, Nook, Market all within a 6 block radius.
Where did you go to school? UBC
What did you study? Art History
Book you’re reading right now: “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold” – John Le Carre
What is your guilty pleasure? US Magazine on Saturday morning on the couch, brainless but so so good.
One thing you would change about Vancouver: Parking meters until 10pm? No thank you
What are you most proud of? My family
Favourite Movie character: Cher from Clueless pretty much shaped my entire adolescence
Default junk food of choice: Chinese take-out
The career path you considered but never followed: International Law
The thing you’re addicted to: Power…and grapefruit juice…
First three things you do in the morning: Shower, check email, kiss BF goodbye
Default drink of choice: le gizz fizz s’il vous plait
First thing you notice in the opposite sex: Brains
Phrase, word or cliché you use way too often: “You know what I mean?”
Dish you cook that you’re most proud of: Enchiladas, from scratch.
Name three things you can’t live without: Art, my family, adventure
Person you most admire: My sister

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