Joining our growing list of Farmhand profiles, this week, Meghan’s been given our set of 60-odd questions.

What is your name? Meghan, Megs, Megatron, Morglock, Tron
What do you do at Farmboy (what’s your title)? Designer + Visual Content Editor
What does that mean in plain English? I look at pretty pictures and arrange them in nice ways.
Where are you originally from? Madison, Wisconsin
Where did you go to school? University of Wisconsin, Emily Carr University
What did you study? Agricultural Journalism, photography, and communication design (weird, I know)
What was your last job? Library Clerk at Emily Carr’s library while I was in school
What did you do there? Yelled at art students for reshelving the books in the wrong place
What is the most profound book you’ve ever read? Clive Ponting’s A New Green History of the World
What is your biggest pet peeve? Dogs wearing ANY clothes, but ESPECIALLY shoes
What is your favourite smell? Who has just one? Baking cheese, fresh bread, vanilla beans, fresh rain (called Petrichor in case you were wondering), my fiancé, dill, anise, grape koolaid.
You have one night to do anything with anyone, living or dead. Who is it and what would you do? I’d hang out with my parents when they were my age
If you could go to the airport and go absolutely anywhere right now, you’d go: New Zealand
Book you’re reading right now: Clive Ponting’s A New Green History of the World
What’s one thing about you no one would ever guess by looking at you? I’m not actually 25?
Do you have pets? Only in my heart and memories xox
What did you want to be when you were a kid? A marine mammologist (a marine biologist that studies mammals of the ocean)
What was the first concert you attended? New Kids on the Block let’s rock!
Default junk food of choice: Black licorice
The thing you’re addicted to: His name is Shaun
Trend you followed but wish you hadn’t: Rave on rave star
Musical instrument you wish you could play: Ukulele—getting better though!
First thing you notice in the opposite sex: teeth
The one thing we should never tolerate in society: Fast food
How many tattoos do you have? Describe them. Two: one was important to get at 19 and the other I needed at 24. Both are very special to me. I drew them myself and that’s all you need to know.
Three websites you visit daily:,,
Best Concert ever: Bjork in Chicago at the House of Blues, or Fleet Foxes at Richards on Richards

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