Each week here on the Feedbag were profiling one Farmhand. Everyone’s been given 60-odd questions and asked to choose 20. The result is a kind of personality test of sorts and give some insight into the kinds of people you’re working with on your next project!

This week, it’s Susan Hunt! (Previous Farmhand profiles include Tim and Ariel.)

What is your name? Susan Hunt
What do you do at Farmboy (what’s your title)? Controller
What does that mean in plain English? Number Cruncher
Where are you originally from? Dublin, Ireland
Where did you go to school? A convent run by nuns in Ireland
What did you study? Art History and Accountancy
What is your biggest pet peeve? Smoking
What is your favourite smell? An Irish fry on a Sunday morning
If you could go to the airport and go absolutely anywhere right now, you’d go: The Galapagos Islands but I would probably need a boat to get there too
Book you’re reading right now: Scar Tissue
Do you have pets? A Golden Retriever called Hunter
What did you want to be when you were a kid? Fashion Designer
Favourite Artist and why? Robert Ballagh because his work is amazing and he is Irish too
Best purchase ever? My visa to Canada
The one country you would move to, or vist over and over and over: I am living in it!
The thing you’re addicted to: cheese and perezhilton.com
Trend you followed but wish you hadn’t: leggings and slouch socks
Default drink of choice: Vodka and cranberry
Drink you will never drink again: Sambuca
Musical instrument you wish you could play: Piano
Phrase, word or cliché you use way too often: Top of the mornin to ya
How many tattoos do you have? Describe them: Zero
Best bar stool in the city: Johnnie Fox’s

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