There’s some fantastic personalities here at Farmboy Fine Arts, and its high time everyone got to know us. Staff were asked a slate of 60 odd questions, and answered a minimum of 20 of their choice. Consider this a bit of a personality test of sorts, but without the satisfying score at the end.

Tim Gudewill – VP Finance and Operations

1. What is your name: Tim Gudewill

2. What do you do at Farmboy (what’s your title): VP Finance & Operations

3. What does that mean in plain English: When I figure it out I will let you know

4. What are you really good at: Fishing

5. Where are you originally from: Vancouver

6. Where did you go to school: St. Georges

7. What did you study: Richard Ivey School of Business

8. What was your last job: Investment Banker

9. What did you do there? Cash cheques and break necks

10.  What do you want to be when you grow up: A business man

11.  What’s your favourite music: All of the above

12.  What is your favourite smell: Sea air

13.  If you could go to the airport and go absolutely anywhere right now, you’d go: fishing

14.  What are you most proud of: Getting married

15.  Best purchase ever: Macbook Pro

16.  Dumbest purchase ever: the bottle of grey goose from table service last weekend

17.  Super hero power you wish you possessed: x-ray vision

18. Default junk food of choice: 5 cent candies

19.  First three things you do in the morning: brushed teeth, showered and had a cup of coffee

20.  Phrase, word or cliché you use way too often: “Vaaasssaap?!”

21.  Dish you cook that you’re most proud of: any seafood especially fish

22.  Name three things you can’t live without: my wife, my fishing rod, my friends and family

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