Richard Lehmann: The Waiting Series


In collaboration with Gastown creative neighbors, Monica Reyes of Back Gallery Project, Gaile Guevara, Oribu Yokota and Farmboy Fine Arts; we are pleased to introduce a collection of work by photogpraher Richard Lehmann.

“Our friendship with Richard has spanned over twenty years. We are all Farmboy¹s from Alberta, and share the same roots and upbringing; Richard has and remains one of our closest confidents, and brothers. It is with this connection and the openness of our gas town neighbors that we are pleased to host Richards newest body of work titled the ‘Waiting Series’ here in our studio space. True to our rural roots and a testimony to the collaboration found in strong community, we are honored to offer our environment as a location for Richards wonderful show.”

– The Farmboys


Born in a rural setting in Northern Alberta, Canada, photographer Richard Lehman moved to Europe at the age of 19, where his love for photography and the arts began. Returning to North America in 2003,  he turned his attention towards installations of statuary and architectural elements, which became the foundation that inspired his montage: a photographic series entitled The Waiting Series.


Originating as silver gelatins through the layering of images and solarization, they are then transferred to color prints and sealed in an industrial metal surround. The Waiting Series is a two part body of work: the first part founded on statuary, and the second founded upon the human body, a study of form.

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