Cool things can be made when art and automobiles go hand in hand. Sara Watson, a design student from the University of Central Lancashire, UK, has made the world’s first invisible Skoda Fabia. The car was donated by Recycling Lives and she began painting the parking lot environment on the car to make it disappear. All in all, it took her three weeks to complete the illusion just outside of her studio. The 22-year-old artist claims, “I was experimenting with the whole concept of illusion but needed something a bit more physical to make a real impact. People have been stopping in the street to look and coming up and almost bumping into it, so it’s had the desired effect.”medium_3500213857_015e8f8057_omedium_3500213447_3c946a3033_omedium_3501030410_38e5d26a7d_o

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