Salon-style artwork displays are so popular these days in the interior design community, it’s easy to forget this hot trend has been around for hundreds of years.

Taking its name and appearance from the French Salons of the 19th century, where dozens of artworks were squeezed together onto walls as part of academic competitions, the salon-style hang looks polished and sophisticated when done well. The origins of this look mark a democratic turning point in the art world, where artists began responding to the public audience rather than royal patronage.

Farmboy Fine Arts developed a harmonious, eclectic, and elegant salon wall for the Marriott Hotel Downtown, Abu Dhabi. By grouping the works en masse, we created a bespoke collection high in visual impact, drawing the viewer’s eye to the entirety of the focal lobby wall. The collection features an array of artists from around the globe, specifically focusing on those working and living in the region. Abstract works, curated purposefully to fit together like a perfect puzzle, emphasize the cool tones throughout the assemblage, balancing pieces with active and calming energy. Thematically, the pieces all reference Arabic pattern work or calligraphy, sharing a sense of the gesture and movement that is so beautiful in hand-drawn calligraphy.

The impact of the art collection, sourced from FBFA’s connections in the international fine art market, stimulates dialogue and interaction between the diverse range of works on display. Take a closer look at the international artists behind this captivating collection.

Marriott Downtown, Abu Dhabi Lobby

Marriott Downtown, Abu Dhabi Lobby

Salon Hang Artwork Arrangement

Lulwah Al Homoud - Saudi Arabia

Lulwah Al Homoud‘s mixed media work, Al Aziz, blends Islamic calligraphy with geometry in her Language of Existence series. From Riyadh, where she majored in sociology at King Saud University, Al Homoud was the first Saudi to complete a MA at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London. In 2006 she participated in a British Museum-managed project in which Arab artists were engaged to work in schools. She spent six weeks at a school in London exploring calligraphy and Arab design.

Sasan Nasernia - Tehran

Trained at Azad Art University, Sasan Nasernia developed a technique blending modern typography, Persian classical, and modern calligraphy. In Johar 9, he uses letters and lines to create a visual lexicon of his own, emerging through his focus on the deformation of letters and of intersection between graphic design, calligraphy, and painting.

Shawki Youssef - Lebanon

Arab World Map Construct / Reconstruct is part of Shawki Youssef‘s Acid Fields collection of abstract works featuring tormented and distorted figures bearing weapons and made almost exclusively of black and yellow. The powerful piece is his reaction to instability in the Middle East, aimed to spark a conversation and inform the viewer.

Colleen Flynn-Lawson - USA

West Coast artist Colleen Flynn-Lawson‘s painting, Thais, reveals an ever-shifting universe and the idea that there is an unseen disconnection between everything. The artist relinquishes control as she allows the spontaneous alchemy between her media to unfold: surfaces are scraped, molded, and formed to concurrently obscure and reveal an almost fossil-like imprint.

Romina Meric - Turkey

Brandeis and Yale University-educated Romina Meric creates psychologically-charged paintings that ask the question “How do I make you feel?”. Figurative elements persist, but they are phenomenological, like their environment, revealing their nature through their weight, scale, luminosity, and materiality. The hypnotic work, Blind encourages the viewer to be able to find the meaning, emotion, and the part of herself she leaves in every piece she creates.

Daniel Brice - USA

Los Angeles-based mixed-media artist Daniel Brice describes his process as spontaneous and improvisational, inspired by his love of the act of making music. The atmospheric considerations, linear lines, and limited color palette in Untitled NY 5 are an extension of the act of making somewhat organized sound, visually.

Derek Root - Canada

Bathers, by contemporary abstract painter Derek Root, appears to be composed of cut and torn pieces of uninfected color, with simple, semi-geometric forms butted against or seemingly superimposed over one another. Collage and sculpture influenced Root’s approach as be builds the composition, pouring pigment-infused liquid wax directly onto the canvas, with molds to contain the flow, where it sets without the intervention of brush or palette knife.

Carolina Alotus - Cyprus

A Swedish artist living in Cyprus since 1990, Carolina Alotus lets intuition guide her creative force when creating abstract works. In Light Wind, the autodidact painter encourages viewers to get swept away with color and brushstrokes, the shapes taking on a life of their own; the layered, iterative process transmits feelings of reverence and humility.


Other artists include:

Marta Baricsa

Alexis Gerard


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