Ahhh Miami. That hot and spicy American city that is more South American than North American. Vibrant colors, bold patterns, and glamour oozing out every seam. Hospitality design superstar Kelly Wearstler has done it again with the new Viceroy Miami Hotel.untitled-421


There is a lot that I love about the design of this hotel, which is apparent in the press release images below. It certainly creates all the feelings one would expect from a Viceroy Hotel. Kelly’s signature use of pattern, color, and texture really excites the senses.untitled-132


Guestrooms feature an eclectic mix of styles. I particularly love the use of the aqua blue as a cohesive element that ties everything together. And I particularly love the console table at the entry foyer!untitled-341


The play on oriental themes is interesting and not what one would expect in a city heavily influenced by Latin and Art Deco design (although Chinoiserie was splashed into the Art Deco period as accents, it probably wasn’t used this strongly). So that would be my only critcism of the photos, that the asian subthemes are a little too strong, but how can one even criticize Kelly Wearstler?


untitled-561A suite done up in an exciting palate that is refreshing and unusual.


untitled-64The spa is definitely a little “out there” and again, unexpected. I knew the Six Inch brand chairs were waterproof, but this really tests their limit! The yellow chandelier, and library like sitting area also put a unique fantasy spin on the spa experience.

All images courtesy of the Viceroy Miami Hotel website.

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