Times Square can be an aesthetic attack—the neon colors, blinding pixels—advertisements come at viewers from every angle. The effect can be bizarre and surreal, almost psychedelic.

Bringing their own take on the mind-altering space is Portland-based duo MSHR (made up of Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper). Partnering with The Times Square Advertising Coalition and Times Square Arts, the artists are exhibiting their trippy, futuristic virtual sculptures as part of the square’s “Midnight Moment”.


Midnight Moment: MSHR, Convolution Weave~Lattice Domain.

Presented in part with the artist’s hometown gallery Upfor, the Times Square take-over takes place through August 31, 2017 and begins each night at 11:57 p.m. and runs through till midnight, adopting multiple screens throughout Times Square. Their recognizable work, resembling futuristic digital LSD trips merges with the in-place advertising in the square. The public exhibition corresponds with MSHR’s work in the Past Skin exhibition at MoMA PS1.

Connecting visual elements as well as audio and sound experiences, MSHR creates custom made synthesizers that also act as sculptures. In their work in Times Square, similar themes of digital industry—the creation of virtual objects—is utilized to blend the real and the virtual. Placed against Broadway play bills and fast-food advertisements, MSHR’s work snakes and merges with recognizable symbiology of New York. The boundaries of the virtual and real become less and less clear.

Images courtesy of Upfor gallery. 

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