Farmboy Fine Arts is proud to present ‘Visible Light‘, a pop-up exhibition and sculpture garden in the Winter Garden space at 525 8th Avenue SW, Calgary.

This event punctuates the official launch of the Farmboy Art Fund and its preferred art partnership with Eighth Avenue Place, a marque development by real estate investment firm Hines. A first of its kind in Canada, the Farmboy Art Fund creates an accessible, informed, and affordable method to create, curate, and showcase dynamic art collections in corporate spaces.

Offering an innovative leasing program, the Farmboy Art Fund reduces the obstacle of capital expense between corporate clients and museum quality artwork.



Featuring four works by renowned Canadian artist and sculpture Alexander Caldwell, the ‘Visible Light‘ exhibition highlights four cannons of Caldwell’s minimalist work, creating vibrant statements of color and industrial shapes as they celebrate the beauty of form and space. The temporal exhibition will be open to the public and on display from 12pm – 2pm on March 9, 2017.

Farmboy Art Fund Launch Event Invite

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